domingo, 21 de septiembre de 2008

Need A Sun in My Sky

On my knees
Begin for salvation
Trying to stop this madness
Trying not to lose this affection

One thay weeping out in tears
Then cheering up with smiles
It’s hard to understand the world
When your heart’s been broken by lies

Torn up, lying under a grey sky
You wish not to be denied
Hoping someday someone will arrive
To put all those feelings away from your mind

Why?! Why! It cannot be possible
Can’t I stop feeling miserable?
When will she appear?, when will this end?
Can’t we just stop to pretend?

Stop this torture on my mind
This can’t go further whitout a start
Losing affection, drawning in despair
I just can’t stand the lonely whisper in the air

I don’t want to fall again
I want a person to fill in my heart
I don't want to have this worries in my mind
I’d love someone to be the sun in my sky


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